natalie shelly studio

natalie shelly studio

a moment

December 10, 2012

So simple. I came across this small piece of blue yarn tied to a tree this summer during a workshop. I instantly loved the posture and weight of the line. I've been thinking about it more and more these past weeks. I'm looking forward to exploring and recreating the experience in the studio with clay, yarn, and steel. I love the way materials meet and establish relationships through touch.

current and upcoming exhibitions

September 14, 2012

Correspondence II, porcelain, stain, glaze, steel, thread, IFB. 2012, 3.5" x 6.75" x 5"

I'm happy to announce and share the exhibitions my work will be featured in during the coming months. I'm thankful for these opportunities and excited to share some new works. Correspondence II is currently featured in the So Tiny! exhibition at the Baum Gallery of the University of Central Arkansas.

Current and Upcoming Exhibitions:

So Tiny! An Exhibition of Small Works in 3-D, Baum Gallery | University of Central Arkansas. Conway, Arkansas. August 26 - October 25, 2012.

Indiana University - Southeast Faculty Exhibition, Barr Gallery | Indiana University Southeast. New Albany, Indiana. October - November, 2012.

College of Mount St. Joseph: Alumni Excellence Exhibition, Studio San Giuseppe | College of Mount St. Joseph. Cincinnati, Ohio. January - February, 2013.

little guy in rochester

July 11, 2012

Ian and I are participating in the 6x6x2012 show this year at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center. Amazingly, the show includes 7,300 + original artworks that range from those done by small children to ones created by artist/celebrities like those of Thich Nhat Hanh and Tom Otterness. Each work is available for purchase at a cost of twenty dollars. The entire show is viewable online and you can check out our work here if you're interested (click on the image that appears to see our works included in a larger grid). Thanks for stopping by...good luck little guy! 


June 30, 2012

Travels at the end of May brought us to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania or what I like to refer to as Ian's "roots." His mother grew up on a beautiful dairy farm that recently became home to a new family this month. We went back to say goodbye and soak up the view with one last walk-through and a little picnic. The home, pastures, creek, and buildings are simply a visual and sensory feast. I'm thankful that I was able get to know this place and make memories that partner with those made by my husband since he was a boy. These are a few of my favorite shots from the trip. I find myself revisiting these as I daydream and sketch ideas for new works. Goodbye sweet farm. 

while on a walk

June 6, 2012

Ian and I take nightly walks and on one of our routes we found a couple streets that had been scraped in preparation for new asphalt. I instantly fell in love with the repetition and variety of the scraped lines. The overall pattern and incised texture was beautiful. My work has always been one that documents my study and enjoyment in the language of line. The shots above document some recent studio work that employs this favorite element. 

a summer trip

May 20, 2012

To celebrate the end of our first year as adjunct instructors and the beginning of our summer in the studio, Ian and I embarked on a short camping trip to Spring Mill State Park. Just a drive north of us in Indiana, this park has some mellow campsites, beavers, beautiful (and perfectly plastic) roadside clay deposits, and a gorgeous pioneer village. The last of which I always enjoy due mostly in part to the hand-crafted quality of the architecture and artifacts - all of which document such rich studies in texture, line, and history.  

studio work

April 20, 2012

I'm excited beyond measure to get back to studio work. These drawings have been patiently waiting for a while. Now with only two more weeks left, adjunct duties will soon be lifted. Ian and I are looking forward to a full summer of making....hurray!

drawing table

April 2, 2012

Shots of the small drawing table in our apartment and a drawing in progress. Situated in front of a window, both the plumosa fern and myself greatly appreciate the light. 

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