natalie shelly studio

natalie shelly studio

Lately | Lines + Color

November 28, 2013

A harvest of brussel sprouts at Barefoot Gardens - Macomb, IL
Waters beyond the Navy Pier - Chicago, IL
Beauty and bands of color in a found leaf - Macomb, IL

Wishing you and yours a lovely holiday weekend of rest, reflection, and thanks. 

Path | Up Until January 31

October 29, 2013

Path is officially installed at the Mary Anderson Center for the Arts! We had a great time back in our old town and I loved seeing some new works officially installed. The space looks great and the daylight is proving to be the perfect collaborator with the work.

The show will run until January 31, 2014. The opening reception is Saturday, November 9 from 6-8 pm and if you can make it I would love to see you! Here are those location and contact details again:

Mary Anderson Center for the Arts - Blackburn Gallery
101 St. Anthony Drive
Mt. St. Francis, IN 47146

Gallery Hours: M.W.F 10-5 pm, T.TH by appointment

Thank for taking a moment,


Path | Install this Weekend

October 24, 2013

Detail of Correspondence V - Porcelain, glaze, steel

Ian and I will be hopping into the truck early tomorrow morning to travel back to Southern Indiana to install a new solo show. Path, will feature a collection of current ceramic works and two new drawings from the past year. The show will be installed at the Mary Anderson Center for the Arts - Blackburn Gallery. The center is located on the grounds of Mount St. Francis, a Franciscan friary and retreat center. Just twenty minutes north of Louisville, the Mount boasts a beautiful rolling landscape, ceramic studio, and a lovely light filled gallery. In short, I adore this place and am so excited about the opportunity to exhibit in this space.

The official opening is this Monday, October 28 and the show will run until January, 31. The opening reception is Saturday, November 9 from 6-8 pm and will be filled with amazing food/drink. If you're in the area, please make a point to stop by the gallery and do remember to pack your hiking boots so you can enjoy the surrounding trails (and search for the hidden collection of bee boxes..did I mention I love this place?). Here are a few more details and contact information:

Mary Anderson Center for the Arts - Blackburn Gallery
101 St. Anthony Drive
Mt. St. Francis, IN 47146

Gallery Hours: M.W.F 10-5 pm, T.TH by appointment

Stay tuned, next week I'll have more images and peeks into the off to bed.

Thank for taking a moment and have a wonderful weekend,


lately | lines + light

October 16, 2013

Beautiful network of organic lines - taken off Marco Island in Florida
In love with this harmony of cast light, shadow, and color - Western Illinois University

making | a small mug study

September 27, 2013

These past couple weeks have found me working on a small mug commission in the studio. This is the first study in functional work I've undertaken in quite some time and I've really enjoyed the making. Ian shared his technique for pulling a handle directly off the pot and after some serious (and admittedly frustrating) practice, I'm happy with these early results. I've also completely fallen in love with soapstone as a wedging and rolling surface. As someone with constantly warm hands, the coolness of the stone is calming and I'm completely smitten with the striking contrast it offers when working with porcelain.

The coming weeks will bring glaze tests, bisque firing, and the finishing of some works for an upcoming solo show (more details to come soon).

Thanks for taking a moment with me and have a lovely week, 


parallel lines

August 27, 2013

Early morning light + clay lines from the studio this past weekend. Love the correspondence between these two materials and the adaptability of the lines they can form. 

this next step + a drawing studio

August 19, 2013

Humbled, blessed, and excited

These words so well describe our last four months. It began in May when Ian became the Assistant Professor of Art in Ceramics at Western Illinois University. This job is the type we daydreamed about-- wonderful facilities, warm and welcoming faculty, and a space to cultivate a community and way of life through clay. The day he received the job offer remains one of our happiest moments.

Our new town of Macomb, Illinois boasts a large university, yet things here are simple and I love that the town is surrounded by such a beautiful rural landscape. We've joined a CSA garden share that has allowed us the lucky opportunity to pick the majority of our food-- something we had always wanted. We've also enjoyed exploring the surrounding cities and yes, we have happily found the closest Target. After over a month of living in this new home and setting up our new studios we're happy and ready to dig in.

A transition

This next step has offered and afforded us so many new opportunities, ones that we expected to wait much longer for. We still can't believe it all came so soon. We are so thankful.

The one transition that I'm still growing into is my choice not to teach this semester or possibly this year. Adjunct teaching opportunities in the area are limited and I've decided to take time to fully pursue my work in the studio.This is the first time I have not taught at the college level in five years and I feel a great sense of loss. I love teaching, I love working with students, and I love the enthusiastic heart it inspires in me. I will miss it dearly and the students I've had the happy pleasure to work with. I know I can always come back to it and know I will.

I'm nervous and excited to again become active and alive as a maker. The last two years produced a new direction in my work that I look forward to fully exploring and expanding in these coming months. I want to be worthy of this time-- this gift.

Included are a collection of shots from my drawing studio at home and peeks into the works I'm stepping into.

Thanks for taking a moment with me and have a lovely week, 


sneak peek

August 16, 2013

In short, we've moved and started a new adventure. I'll fill you in more on Monday as to the specifics and what it means for Ian and myself. In the mean time, here are a couple shots of what is surrounding me in this new home we've chosen.

Barefoot Gardens CSA bouquet I picked yesterday.
Excavating lines through clay slip paint earlier this month.
Loving the big sky country and clouds West Central Illinois has been offering up.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,



June 7, 2013

Eucalyptus branch, Silver Dollar Gum variety - Looking forward to exploring the form and line of this branch in the studio soon.
Ian + Row Boat

an update

April 14, 2013

Hello again! I've been neglecting this space for a while, but am happy that the summer break is fast approaching and my hands will again be busy in the studio. Please stop by my site, for a complete update on my most current body of work. In addition, I hope to begin more regular updates in this little space. Have a beautiful week.

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