natalie shelly studio

natalie shelly studio


June 30, 2012

Travels at the end of May brought us to Shippensburg, Pennsylvania or what I like to refer to as Ian's "roots." His mother grew up on a beautiful dairy farm that recently became home to a new family this month. We went back to say goodbye and soak up the view with one last walk-through and a little picnic. The home, pastures, creek, and buildings are simply a visual and sensory feast. I'm thankful that I was able get to know this place and make memories that partner with those made by my husband since he was a boy. These are a few of my favorite shots from the trip. I find myself revisiting these as I daydream and sketch ideas for new works. Goodbye sweet farm. 

while on a walk

June 6, 2012

Ian and I take nightly walks and on one of our routes we found a couple streets that had been scraped in preparation for new asphalt. I instantly fell in love with the repetition and variety of the scraped lines. The overall pattern and incised texture was beautiful. My work has always been one that documents my study and enjoyment in the language of line. The shots above document some recent studio work that employs this favorite element. 

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